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Fossil Pendant, handcrafted in Scotland, natural jewellery, geologist, Isle of Skye


The Isle of Skye is well know for its fossils and I am totally fascinated by them. This necklace is perfect for anyone who loves natural style - the unique ammonite fossil makes a real statement.

Ammonites once lived in the seas between 240-65 million years ago and are believed to be named after the Egyptian God Ammon who took the form of a ram. Their shape liked a curled rams horn inspires me as a designer and is perfect for wire wrapping. Each fossil is of course unique and I like to be free form in my wire wrapping to suit the individual shape and colours of the particular ammonite I am working with.

This particular fossil is a soft honey brown with highly polished densely packed flat swirls. To showcase this I have created a contrasting cradle of gold plated wires. The wire wrapping also lets you enjoy the reverse of this fossil - with its flashes of red - as much as the front.

On a toffee brown coloured satin cord finished with gold plated cord ends, a gold plated extender chain and a gold plated bolt ring clasp. Length 25-27 inches (71 cm).  If you would like this shortened please let me know with your order.

Comes to you wrapped in purple tissue inside a pretty organza bag and information about ammonite fossils - a great gift idea!