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Indigo Berry creations use an eclectic fusion of gesmtones, glass beads and vintage buttons, as well as handcrafted silver.



From amethyst and aventurine through to quartz, peridot and unakite, each of the quality gemstones I use in my jewellery creations are ethically sourced and genuine. Gemstone beads are chosen for their quality, colour, cut and shape. I love that each bead will be different and give a uniqueness to a piece.

When you purchase a piece of Indigo Berry gemstone jewellery you will receive information about Caring For your Gemstone Jewellery and details about the gemstones I have used.



I also work with silver clay to create unique sterling silver jewellery. You can see some of my handcrafted silver work on my Etsy Shop. Each of my handcrafted silver pieces is hallmarked at the Edinburgh Assay Office. Commission enquiries are welcome.  


Download Dealer's Notice Edinburgh Assay Office



Vintage Buttons

Like many of you, I remember playing with the fabulous buttons in my grandmothers button tin when I was a child - fascinated by the colours and textures. Each button had a story - the little pale blue plastic rabbit buttons from my uncles baby cardigan, the shell pearl buttons from a favourite blouse. Old buttons still fascinate and inspire me and I was lucky enough to inherit grandmothers button tin, meaning that many of those unique buttons make their way into my creations today. You will find buttons not only in my jewellery but also on my greetings cards, pin cushions, lavender sachets, scented hearts...



The Isle of Skye is well know for its fossils and I am totally fascinated by them. I am inspired by their  shapes and colours and they are perfect for wire wrapping. Each fossil is of course unique and I like to be free form in my wire wrapping to suit the individual shape and colours of the particular ammonite I am working with.


Glass Beads

The glass beads in Indigo Berry jewellery are chosen for their quality, colour, shape and cut. They are either from India or the Czech Republic (including top quality Preciosa® TRADITIONAL CZECH BEADS TM brand glass beads and rocaille seed beads).